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Ca’Pietra tiles: Style with stunning quality

Ca’Pietra is a renowned tile company, designing tiles that stand out in your home. Well-known for their forward-thinking innovation and trend setting designs, they are a luxury company at the top of their industry. As trusted Ca’Pietra platinum partners, we take pride in offering a diverse range of tiles tailored for every home and aesthetic. Ca’Pietra tiles are expertly crafted and offer an array of options, from intricate mosaic tiles to large ground flagstones of excellent quality. Our tile-obsessed team can help you make the right decision for your home. Call 020 8777 1787.

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To learn more about our Ca’Pietra tiles, give us a call on 020 8777 1787 or email You can also book your consultation today by completing our contact form.

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Why have we chosen to work with Ca’Pietra?

In our endeavour to provide tiles of the highest quality, we work with Ca’Pietra. Their dedication to their craft, blending elements of creativity and longevity into their beautiful tiles, sets them apart. Along with the excellent standard of their products, we provide unparalleled customer service that you wouldn’t receive anywhere else. This includes a style consultation, as well as valuable information on the care and durability.

The excellent quality of Ca’Pietra products

Ca’Pietra is renowned for their quality. The tiles we provide come in various colours, textures, finishes, and uses, ensuring that their expansive range has something for your requirements. Sourcing the best quality materials and crafting the tiles to the most precise standard, Ca’Pietra tiles are a reliable addition to your home, whether you desire a gleaming finish or tiles emulating rustic charm!

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You will be able to see the extensive range that Ca’Pietra offers at our showroom in West Wickham. The choice is truly yours – with many options to choose from, our expert guidance helps you compare colours, textures, and lighting that could affect the way things look in your space. Our showroom is easy to find and will be simple to spot with our welcoming presence and sophisticated tile displays.

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If you’re looking for stylist experts and enthusiasts to help you make your tile choices, give us a ring on 020 8777 1787 or email to book your consultation.