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Our range of premium tile materials

When undertaking any tiling project, choosing the right materials is key to achieving a beautiful result with long-lasting durability. From stunning natural stone slabs to intricate mosaic tiles, we offer an unparalleled range of diverse materials for residential spaces. With our experience in the home improvement industry, we ensure each of our materials offer quality, durability, and aesthetics. Explore our tiles, knowing that you have access to the finest materials available. Call our experts on 020 8777 1787. We’d be delighted to help you elevate your home.


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Our premium range of tile materials

Exceptional materials are the foundation for extraordinary design. Explore our collection, showcasing a diverse range of textures, finishes and colours. The quality of the materials provided by Ca’Pietra is unbeatable.

Natural Stone: Nature’s timeless beauty

Connect with the organic allure of natural stone tiles. From the rugged texture of slate to the refined elegance of marble, our nature-crafted collections add a natural element to your space. Natural stones like granite, limestone and slate excel as both exterior tiles and interior tiles because of their durability and beauty.


Terracotta: Rustic charm with modern versatility

Our terracotta tile blends traditional charm with contemporary style. With their signature earthy tones, terracotta tiles add a touch of the past to modern spaces. Terracotta’s high slip resistance makes it excellent as outdoor tiles, especially for spaces that are subject to rain.


Porcelain: An element of beauty

Our porcelain tiles are where strength and style harmoniously combine. From sleek and modern to classically elegant, our porcelain tiles span a vast range of aesthetics and demonstrate durability. Porcelain tiles are perfectly suited as kitchen tiles since their water resistance can handle spills and cleaning.


Ceramic: The epitome of classic charm

Discover the enduring beauty of ceramic. Spanning an expansive spectrum of colours, shapes and patterns, our ceramic collection displays a beautiful style and is a reliable material. Ceramics are versatile for nearly any indoor tiling application from walls to floors and even for bathroom accents.


Mosaic tiles: Intricate works of art

Elevate your spaces with the luminous brilliance of our mosaic tile collections. Meticulously pieced together, each tile becomes a work of art. Intricate mosaic tiles are stunning options to create dazzling backsplashes or accent walls to add some flair to your home.

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Proper Good Paint: Effortless sophistication

Discover the transformative power of paint with Proper Good Paint. Curated by colour specialists, Proper Good Paint brings you a refined palette of 44 versatile hues that are equally at home in classic or contemporary spaces. From soft neutrals to accent tones, each shade layers effortlessly with our tiles. Our team will be able to help you match your paint shade with beautiful tiles.

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