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Transform your kitchen with our stunning tiles

The kitchen is the heart of the home – a space filled with warmth and memories in the making. From traditional flagstone floors that develop character over time, to eye-catching backsplashes in contemporary styles, we showcase tiles that are resilient as well as stunning. Our tiles transform your kitchen into a sophisticated haven. With textures and hues ranging from sleek to rustic, tiles will complement your home. Explore your options – call 020 8777 1787.

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Transform your
kitchen space

Call our experienced team to book a personalised consultation. Contact us on 020 8777 1787, email or complete our form for a quick response.

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Our design expertise, tailored for you

We aim to provide an unmatched service experience. Our consultation combines creativity and expertise to pick kitchen tiles that suit your personal style.

Unparalleled quality of our Ca’Pietra tiles

Our partnership with Ca’Pietra provides access to superior kitchen tiles you can rely on. Whether sleek backsplashes, durable flooring, or stunning accent walls, our materials are crafted to last. As platinum partners, we proudly offer Ca’Pietra’s luxury tiles for people seeking beauty and resilience.

We’re just a phone call away

We look forward to helping refine your kitchen vision. Reach out at 020 8777 1787 or email

Backsplashes and countertops
to add function and style

Kitchen tiled backsplashes and countertops beautifully protect your walls while also letting your personality shine.

Make a statement

Backsplashes and countertops can add elements like vibrant colours, natural stone textures, and eye-catching geometric or mosaic patterns to your kitchen.

Easy to clean

Spills and messes wipe right off smooth tiles with minimal effort. There is no need for special measures to keep your counters looking like new.

Design flexibility

Customise your countertop and backsplash by combining different tile shapes, materials, patterns and colours. Tiles allow for endless design options.

Working with us at Rouse Tile Studio

At Rouse Tile Studio, our passion is bringing your kitchen to life. With our guidance every step of the way, we help you create a kitchen that’s distinctly yours.

A bespoke service

Your consultation is tailored specifically to you. We thoughtfully curate tile combinations and provide samples to ensure your vision comes alive.

A gorgeous showroom

In our showroom, explore our collection in a comfortable, welcoming setting. Compare materials alongside our designers to find your perfect match.

Unbeatable quality

We exclusively source luxury, durable tiles designed to withstand everyday life with ease and grace – our tiles are built to last.

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